What I am doing now.
    • What I'm Up To (April 2024)

      Gave a talk at Singapore GovTech UX Week 2024

      My presentation was on, 'Centering Marginalized People: in a world of artificial intelligence'. The main gist of what I think on this is, 'why AI? why now? what are you trying to do?' and also 'maybe we can start by going back to basics: try to do things that center marginalized people and you'll get more accessibility AND better AI'.

      My dog almost died

      We had a vet scare: Cookie is 15 years old this year. She suddenly stopped eating. We received excellent emergency veterinary care at SF AMC. It was pricy, like all emergency vet care, but our pet insurance went a long way. I don't think one should have senior pets in the US without good pet insurance. Anyway, the worst is over, but it was touch and go at one point. Cookie is all better, though she will always have a problem with her digestive system, but the worst is over and we found a way to keep her in a good state, for now. I even posted a retrospective of Cookie's life, but she survived. I'm not sorry: I am thankful for the miracle!

      Work is intense right now

      I've been working on some large projects at work. I can't talk about them yet, but they are impactful and significant. I like work. There's just a lot of it.

      Soy, tofu, love

      I've been enjoying my newfound Mastodon food influencer fame. Bit of a joke, but kind of not. There aren't really traditional influencers on Mastodon. But I get to pretend, and to do it in a way I prefer: nerdy, text-based deep dives into things that I really like.

      For example, soy sauce. And tofu.

      Rediscovered my love of kaju curry

      I love cashew curry. When I spent time in North India, I found I didn't love the food of the Hindi belt (I have a hugely biased preference for south Indian, mainly south Indian coastal cuisine). But. Cashew curry, I loved. So I cooked it. It will now be a regular dish in my repertoire.

      Did some thinking on what queer marriage means to me

      Yes, it's arbitrary, and assimilationist. But I would not be able to have any of this life I now have, without queer marriage as an institution.

      Food newsletter

      Re-upping my mango newsletter. How to buy and eat Indian mangoes. More recently: a list of tandoori restaurants, and a tandoori glossary. I have so many food-related projects now it's hard to keep track.

    • What I'm Up To (March 2024)

      Interviewed by Manuel Moreale

      I've long enjoyed Manuel's "People and Blogs" series. My old friend Winnie Lim so kindly recommended my blog to him. Here's the interview I did.

      Set up Public Sector AI

      I'm hoping to be able to process and filter news about artificial intelligence, through my public sector lens, to find the things that are useful for other folks in the industry.

      This wound up in two parts: the Public Sector AI website and the companion newsletter. Read more about my motivations here, and here.

      Went on many long walks

      My dog Cookie is not getting any younger. This October, she turns 15. I'm hoping to spend as much time with her as I can in the twilight of her life. We go on many long walks, and snack on things together.

      Sent out a bunch of proposals for talks

      I used to give talks all the time. Then I went into a period of hibernation. Now I am emerging from deep sleep. Expect to see more talks from me, on a variety of topics, soon.

    • What I'm Up To (February 2024)

      Rebuilding my website

      Building this site from the ground up using 11ty. It's fantastic.

      Celebrating Lunar New Year

      Desired the pineapple tarts I would have from home. Could not procure them here. Got into making them from scratch. From whole pineapples. I wrote up my pineapple saga.

      Learning to swim

      Taking swim classes at the YMCA here in SF.

      Learning to develop Slide Film

      Eagerly awaiting some E-6 film chemicals so that I can develop some slide film that I've been hoarding.

      Learning Taiwanese

      Taking weekly Taigi (Hokkien, not Mandarin) classes with an online teacher based in Kaohsiung.

      Learning Typography

      Weekend classes at Berkeley extension to learn to design, critique and talk about typography.