Reinventing my personal blog

23 Feb 2023

I Now Have an Attention Span

Some thoughts on disability, chronic illness, autism, and learning to ask for help.
31 Jan 2023

Feeding My Soul

It is not too late to know what is most important in life.
05 Nov 2022

Goodbye, Twitter. Hello, Slow Socials.

What a post-Twitter world means to me. What happens if I focus on intentionality over virality? Slow socials, just like slow food.
03 Nov 2022
06 Jul 2022

It's Not Enough to Bear Witness

Some sobering thoughts about the future of the United States, and how I hope to deal with the mess.
13 Apr 2022


How I use Tailscale instead of a commercial VPN
06 Mar 2022

The Saxophone Diaries

Learning to play the saxophone in my late 30s.
01 Mar 2022

New Beets

A few ways to move away from Spotify and other suckiness.
21 Feb 2022

So far, so sober

I leave the intersection of startup hustle, disease, and alcoholism for a new perspective on life and everything.
30 Nov 2021

The Moving Calculus

Why do people move and when do they move? What drives them to do that? As an immigrant from Singapore, I am not driven by economic reasons to go elsewhere.
16 Nov 2021

The Antidote to my SADness

Between October and February every year in the northern hemisphere, my brain betrays me and makes me very SAD. Here's a log of some of the things I've tried.
10 Aug 2021

All of my wildest dreams

For most of my life, I've dreamed of a life full of weekend wilderness. Something about that just appealed to me. It's part an obsession with camping gear (all of the best innovations in fabric and materials exist here), and part a desperate aspiration for a different life where I could do things like that without sweating too much. Living in California lets me do that: without ants, cockroaches, sweat, or humidity! This past weekend, I went out with a group to Point Reyes' Wildcat campground and did a bunch of trails. The 2 nights I spent without a shower were worth it. The dehydrated backpacker food was not.
04 Jun 2021

Jharkhand Task List

Some of you may know that I have spent the last 9 years or so working to support children's education in Jharkhand, India. In better times I visit them 2-3x a year. I want to share something that stuck with me the last time I went: one of the girls we work with showed us their daily schedule.
29 May 2021

Backing up iCloud Photos in the command line

There comes a time when you might want to leave the Apple walled garden. Or you just want redundant backups. As part of your photo backup strategy, consider running a cron job to regularly backup your iCloud photos using this cli tool.
21 May 2021

Schrödinger's Lesbian

When non-heterosexual marriages are not recognized by the State, hilarity and sadness ensues.
20 May 2021

A unifying theory of Singapore food that ends in a dream

I'm in Singapore. I write about food.
19 May 2021

How I run PhotoPrism with Docker Compose and reverse proxy

How my plan to self-host a Google Photos alternative is going.
18 May 2021

21 Days of Indoor Projects

I returned to Singapore for some essential travel in the midst of a new COVID-19 surge. The hotel quarantine, initially set at 14 days, became 21 days. We were in a fancy hotel and I got a lot of time to work on side projects. From cooking to server work and learning, I am doing it all.
19 Mar 2021

Intersectional Grieving

It's a rough week. Some notes on grief.
12 Mar 2021

Travelogues, Ten Years On

Once I could, I traveled fanatically and obsessively. I traveled all the time. I never wrote about those days as much as I imagined I would, despite minor blogging celebrity status in those days. I’m not sure why. I didn’t feel ready. I didn’t feel like I knew a lot. I was 18, and I didn’t know a thing at all. Maybe I still don’t, but with the passage of time I feel better equipped to tell those stories without only the romance.