Half Boiled Eggs Recipe

Now that I live so far from home, I have to make my own half-boiled eggs. Half boiled eggs are not the same as soft boiled eggs: they come out of the shell almost in a liquid form, not in the shape of an egg that is starting to firm. So it's less cooked than a typical soft boiled egg.

Growing up in Singapore and Malaysia, this was a typical breakfast food. Half boiled eggs were really just vessels for soy sauce and white pepper. Eat them with kaya toast, with a large slab of butter (at least 1cm of butter).

There are lots of recipes for this online but here's what I do.

  • Bring a small pot of water to a rolling boil
  • Turn off the heat
  • Gently lower 2 medium-sized, fridge-cold eggs into the water
  • Cover
  • Leave it in the water for 7 min for medium sized eggs, add 1 min if you like it less runny

For larger eggs, try 8-9 min with fridge-cold eggs.

Use a spoon to crack all around the eggs, and then pour into a small cup. Use a spoon to scoop up anything left on the shell. Add as much or as little light soy sauce or white pepper as you like.


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