I have worn many hats, throughout the years.

The following is the first ever attempt to consolidate everything I appeared in elsewhere.

Featured elsewhere


A seasoned international bus rider tackles Muni. Storyteller Adrianna Tan is an enthusiastic bus rider who has ridden buses in more than 30 countries worldwide. But when she finally moves to San Francisco five years ago, she quickly finds out that, in many ways, our very own Muni is not like all the rest. Live event recording, video and audio podcast.

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A Better Tech. In the Spotlight: Adrianna Tan. Published September 24, 2023.


“I think you really have to like butter” | Spokes & Folks Episode Three with Adrianna Tan . YouTube video.

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California's ember skies glow from wildfires. Reuters. Web.


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Singapore’s Wobe wins world’s first cross-border startup comp for female entrepreneurs. Yahoo News.

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She would rather spend to help migrants makan. Singapore: The New Paper; 2015.


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