About me

Hi, I'm Adrianna.

I've been publishing here since 2003. You might have known me in different iterations: angry young queer, optimistic college student, world traveler, entrepreneur, foodie, athlete, startup person, non-profit founder and now, civic technologist.

a photo of adrianna holding a hasselblade camera and smiling

After a lost decade publishing content elsewhere (big tech social media companies), I'm now reinventing my web presence again. Though it feels more like coming home to a familiar feeling: through every version of myself on the Internet, building websites and learning new skills have been the constant.

That's how I make my living, too. In my day job, I lead the product team at San Francisco Digital Services, the digital team for the City and County of San Francisco.

In the mornings, nights and evenings: I run, swim, bike, cook, talk and think about food, coffee, tea and the history and politics of all of those things. I toot, take photos, make zines, work on darkroom photo printing, go birding, play saxophone and piano.

Mostly, I am enjoying life in San Francisco with my wife, dog, cat and my ridiculous number of hobbies.