Reinventing my personal blog

10 Jan 2020

this is a test


Hi, welcome to my personal blog.

I quite enjoyed typing those words. For the last decade or so, I have scattered content all over the web. Facebook, Twitter, Medium, other blogs in other places.

As part of my social media diet (mostly a quit-Facebook-they-are-an-evil-empire diet), I started to write the old-fashioned way again: plain text. I am probably okay if nobody is reading it anymore. No, I will not start a podcast or newsletter.

So much has changed.

For one, I am married! I live in San Francisco now with my wife, Sabrena. We have a dog and a cat and we are really the picture perfect stereotype of a “couple from California”.

I also have a job. I suppose, for the first time. My startup days are over, and I work for the city of San Francisco. If you are looking to break into civic tech, and do tech work that makes a difference, have a look at my team.

What will I write here? Who knows.

Lately, I have been re-discovering old passions, and picking up new ones.

Music is now a part of my life, again. As is photography. I haven’t been too good at writing anything other than tweetstorms lately, but maybe having this platform again will help.

Popagandhi at 17; Adrianna in her mid-30s. Things are slower, gentler, possibly happier. I am excited about my brand new, old, plain text world.