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10 Mar 2017

Shaken Not Stirred

When you work at Wobe, you’re bound to have conversations like these at some point:

“Can you check on this transaction for me in dumplings?”

“Let’s make some changes to kaya.

“This PR removes the confirmation code from diplomatico request”

This is a feature, not a bug.

We’re a company founded by foodies, but our engineering team is the foodiest of all.

Deep within our repos you can find things like:

Coconut makes the world, and our infra, go round. Coconut makes the world, and our infra, go round.Dark, golden and distilled beauty. Just like our microservices. Dark, golden and distilled beauty. Just like our microservices.

Since we’re a multi-cultural team, with 2 engineers from Venezuela, we were also happy to christen one of our most important packages after Venezuela’s most famous product, Diplomatico.

One of our internal web apps we call, lovingly, Dumplings. That’s because all of us love dumplings of all kinds. Chinese dumplings, momos, gyozas, manti, mantou, har gow, ravioli, tortellini, xiao long bao, samosa, wantons. If you don’t love dumplings, you can’t work for us. (JK!!)

As our infrastructure and services expand, we’re going to need many more food and drink names for them.

We crowdsourced some ideas within the team:

  • sushi
  • rendang
  • cokelat
  • pempek palembang
  • siomay
  • jeruk panas
  • gulai kambing
  • dendeng balado
  • martabak manis
  • dosa (the South Indian breakfast, I like this especially also because it means ‘sin’ in Indonesian, which it is.. with all the ghee)
  • cumi
  • negroni
  • ramos gin fizz
  • arepa
  • pav

My personal vote, however, would go to Ramos gin fizz. With just a few simple ingredients, vigorous shaking either renders a masterpiece — or a flop. Like bad code, and bad engineering practices, a bad Ramos gin fizz doesn’t even resemble the real thing.