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07 Sep 2023

Applying for Singapore Visa for your Friend

Citizens of some countries need a visa to enter Singapore. If you have friends or family that belong to those countries, you can do them a huge favor by applying as a local contact.

As long as you are a Singapore citizen or Singapore PR with SingPass, or director of a Singapore-registered business, you can help your friend get a visa. Please make sure that you actually know this person!

I only do this for people I know.

It can save them a lot of time and money. Most of the time, I do this for my friends from India. It’s much faster and it also costs less than them going to a visa agent.

The following instructions are for Singapore citizens and PRs who have SingPass.

  1. Before you start, send this PDF form to the person you are applying for the visa for
  2. Ask them to write down the answers to all the questions in a document, and send it to you. Also ask them to attach a passport photo in the right format
  3. Visit this ICA page and click on “Apply for a an entry visa as a local contact (Individual Users)”
  4. Log in with SingPass
  5. Click on “Individual Visa Application” to apply for 1 person, or “Family Visa Application” to apply for more than 1 person (they must be married; children above the age of 21 must have their individual applications)
  6. Fill in the form according to the information your friend provided you. Be sure to get their birthday, passport issue date and passport number correct.
  7. Upload their passport photo
  8. Pay: you can pay with American Express Cards, PayNow, or eNets (internet banking).

Save the application as a PDF. It will take 3 working days to receive a response, but in my experience it has been usually faster than that (next day has been the norm).

You can look up the status of your visa application here.

So far, I have applied for friends from many countries and I have not received a single rejection.

More resources

Please refer to ICA’s own documents for screenshots and more explanation for each step. These are all PDF files: