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16 Nov 2021

The Antidote to my SADness

Are you SAD because you’re not used to the winter?

I used to love winter. Traveling to places in the winter, playing in the winter, winter sports, going out in the winter. Living in the northern hemisphere for the long term, however, has made me enjoy it less. I don’t even live in somewhere with a significant winter scene. Northern California has relatively mild winters.

Maybe that’s the problem. A clear demarcation between the seasons would be nice. Instead, this region’s summer in September followed very quickly by fall and winter makes me quite miserable.

Have you tried X, Y and Z?

Light therapy. Vitamins. Anti-depressants. Exercise. Routine. Waking up earlier. I am doing them all!

Are they working?

Not particularly.

What’s the antidote then?

Run, quite fast, whenever you can, with a lot of Prince’s music.

Will it work for me?

Probably not.