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04 Jun 2021

Jharkhand Task List

Photo of a task list written by a girl in Jharkhand

Some of you may know that I have spent the last 9 years or so working to support children’s education in Jharkhand, India. In better times I visit them 2-3x a year. I want to share something that stuck with me the last time I went: one of the girls we work with showed us their daily schedule.

Tribal Jharkhand girl’s daily schedule (24 January 2019):

At home

  • Keep house clean, 30 min
  • Help mother in her work, 30 min
  • Wash my own school dress, 15 min
  • Help my sister in her studies, 1 hour
  • I have to found (sic) my socks, 20 hours
  • Wash utensils used by me, 5 min
  • Put my bags, school dresses in appropriate places, 10 min
  • Use Whatsapp to write all the notes I have missed as I am not in class today, 2 hours
  • I have to call my grandmother as she is sick, 20 minutes


  • School time, 5 hours
  • Tuition time, 1 hour
  • Study for approximately 3 hours a day

I am nowhere as organized, or as funny, as this girl.

Going to Jharkhand twice a year has always been the highlight of my year. I’m glad to report that the girls are well, as are their families, which is an amazing outcome in spite of the current COVID-19 situation there. I’ve seen them grow up over the years: they are absolutely committed to wanting a better life for themselves and their families, and hopefully through the work that I facilitate there I can help to open some doors. If you pay tax in India, you are welcome to make a contribution to the team (other options coming, in the.. future. Overseas contributions are very difficult). The local team is amazing and I am so glad to be able to support this work.