Reinventing my personal blog

10 Jan 2020

So This Is the New Year

Dream of the Noughties

It feels like we all just woke up from a collective dream. The dream of the ’10s, where we gave our content, perhaps even our personalities, away for free to Facebook.

No longer.

Not only have I cut that toxic company out of my life, I have also started thinking about how web 1.0 got it right: writing on the web, for yourself, with no ads, for free, with a tech stack you control… really was all that.

New Year, New Me?

I don’t have resolutions. I don’t have aspirations towards goals I won’t reach. I don’t have diet-related, or gym-related thoughts; exercise has slowly become part of my life again,and I’m thankful for that.

This year, I am taking the opposite route. Instead of doing new things, and becoming a new person, I am going to get really good at doing things I already know and love. Having dabbled in so many hobbies in the past, there are plenty of options to pick. I’ve quite enjoyed the heads-down learning over the last couple of months, and am looking forward to more.

The one thing that is new is the city I live in. From 2018 I have been living in a new city, San Francisco. I used to visit often, so it’s not new-new, but it’s new in that I live here with my wife, Sabrena, and get to experience it somewhat differently as a result. We’re exactly where we need to be for now as a newly married queer couple, even though we hadn’t planned on coming here. It’s too bad we’re both from countries that don’t recognize our marriage.

My Life Now

I have been preoccupied with trying not to lead a conventional tech worker’s life in San Francisco. It’s so easy to fall into that trap of always-on, tech-enabled convenience. I find that if you do that, the city becomes much less diverse. I want to meet people, build relationships, be part of communities and be part of scenes outside of tech.

As you know, it’s so much harder to make friends as an adult. So old hobbies have come in handy. I have been playing music again, casually, but perhaps later performatively. I have been exploring Tibetan Buddhism. I am pushing myself to do things, like bike camping and hiking, that would force me to meet new people and explore new places.

In many others, this new year is just like many others. But I know now that health, family and happiness comes first.

That should count for something.