Reinventing my personal blog

21 Jul 2014

Singapore's So-Called Moral Majority

The Seven Cultural Mountains of Singapore's Christian theocrats, and their culture war on the rest of us
27 Jun 2014

The Freedom to Love

Climate of fear for Singapore's queers. Some sliver of hope in Pink Dot and other things.
05 Jun 2014

Videos Games & Political Consciousness

As a politics and video games nerd, I was glad to be asked to write this article for a journal. Some quotes, and the link to the story.
06 May 2014

All In

Growing pains. Or something.
10 Apr 2014

Gyanada 2014

In 2014 I helped set up a non-profit, with some friends.
16 Mar 2014

What I Learned

A few years ago, I found out I had a disease, that would change the course of my life, love and business. A few years ago, I also fell into the habit of writing in lists.
27 Feb 2014

An Open Letter

If there's anything I can't stand, it's self-serving Christian theocrats who want to turn Singapore into a theocracy. I will always fight them. Always.
26 Feb 2014


Between 2012 and 2014 I spent significant amounts of time in Myanmar, which was just 'opening up' at the time. My ability to speak various Asian languages opened up an interesting world of street conversations for me, that helped me learn bits of the country I might have never known in just English.
24 Feb 2014

Culture Kitchen 2: Little Myanmar

For some years I ran a small org called Culture Kitchen that wanted to expose Singaporeans to the cultures of different migrants to Singapore, through food.
14 Feb 2014

The Geography of Hope

I once wrote extensively about love and heartbreak. Sometimes, newspapers published it. This was in the Mint's (India) issue on love
11 Feb 2014

Don't Lugi Be Happy

I was brought up in a competitive society. At some point, I decide not to play that game so I could win in other ways.
07 Feb 2014


2014 was clearly rather tumultuous, like the flights I took and the many cities I lived in (and in-between).
03 Feb 2014

An Indian Decade

I'd been coming and going from India since 2004. In many ways, that country is home to me. I grew up there, loved there, and learned nearly everything I know there. I am indebted to it.
18 Jan 2014

I Follow Cities

A little girl from a small city grew up and went to all the cities.
14 Jan 2014

Strange Damascus Memories

In 2009 I had the opportunity to see Syria, just before the civil war. I have many random memories, mostly because I was introduced to a motley crew of musicians and designers there.
12 Jan 2014

Back in the SL

Happy days in Sri Lanka.
06 Jan 2014

Another List of Things

From Kuala Lumpur to Brooklyn and Melbourne, I've had to make lists in love as well.
12 Dec 2013

Little India Urban Renewal Plan

Some thoughts on community development in Little India following the riots of 2013.
10 Dec 2013

The Real Singapore Conversations

In 2013 when I had just moved home to Singapore, the country was going through some changes, supposedly because of 'mass immigration'. I had hoped that Singaporeans would welcome all foreigners, not just the 'correct' ones. It was an exhausting time of rising xenophobia.
10 Dec 2013

Summary of the Little India Riots

I was gathering information on the Little India of 2013 riots as they happened.