Reinventing my personal blog

17 Mar 2020

Love in a Time of Quarantine

These unprecedented times.
21 Jan 2020

Envelop SF

It's easy to stay in the tech bubble in San Francisco, and never do anything else or meet anybody outside of it. In this series, I will write about the non-tech things I enjoy about this town.
10 Jan 2020

So This Is the New Year

The dream of the noughties is over. An experiment to write more, post it here, call it a blog, and call it a day.
10 Oct 2019

We Built This

Why I joined San Francisco Digital Services as its new Product Director
22 May 2019

Fresh Off The Boat

When I first moved to America nine months ago, I was perplexed by a never-ending list of things. Like bed-linen.
18 Jul 2018

This Modern Love

Reno, domestic violence, queerness, marriage.
25 Jun 2018

Soul Story

Soul Story makes incredible Korean skincare that I swear by. Help a woman-run business expand.
18 Jun 2018

Rediscovering Video Games

I started playing video games again. They are not for kids, not anymore. So many video games I love have taught me so much: about storytelling, life and hopes and dreams.
05 Apr 2018

Road, Gravel, Mud

What running a startup for a couple of years felt like. Muddy.
26 Nov 2017

So You Want To Be A Startup Founder

Sometimes, I speak at universities that want me to 'inspire their young'.
23 Aug 2017

Signals and Noise

I was a startup founder for several years. Most of that time was unglamorous, terrible and difficult. It was one of the hardest things I'd done. I wanted to share, at that point, what that was all about.
18 Jul 2017


Something mushy I wrote when I met my wife.
11 Apr 2017

Do What You Don't Know

Do things you don't know how to do, I like to say. At different points in life, I have had the privilege of doing just that.
10 Mar 2017

Shaken Not Stirred

When you work at Wobe, you’re bound to have conversations like these at some point:
10 Feb 2017


As the cofounder and CEO of a tech startup working to improve financial inclusion in one of the world’s largest countries that is also one…
02 Feb 2017

The Last Mile

How to create products for emerging markets
09 Dec 2016

How to Build Something

Wobe’s founder on the basics for technical success
21 Nov 2016

On The Spectrum

I found out, as an adult, that I was on the autism spectrum. That helped me make sense of the world, of why I struggled so much as a child.
18 Oct 2016

Wordpress to Jekyll

A brief flirtation with Jekyll, my first static site generator. I've moved on to happier tools since.
10 Oct 2016

What 31 Feels Like

Discovering that birthdays in your 30s are rather different.