Reinventing my personal blog

01 Oct 2016

My article on Indonesia in Brink, last month

An article I wrote about the Indonesian middle class and tech
14 Jun 2016

Panic at the Disco

Why the Orlando gay club shooting in 2016 hit close to home for every queer person around the world. It certainly did for me.
31 May 2016

Kolkata Kalling

In 2004 I came to Kolkata for the first time. To say it made an impression would be an understatement. From time to time, I still return to it.
27 Apr 2016

In Small Rooms with Betawi Women

I lived in Jakarta for a couple of very happy years. The old women there was my favorite people.
21 Apr 2016

When I Was Young

For most of the '10s I was perpetually in transit. It was more romantic on paper than it really was.
24 Mar 2016

Is the Self-Hosted Blog Dead?

Every once in a while I try to blog again. I usually think using a new blogging platform will help. It never does.
20 Feb 2016

Tan Boon Chye

A surprising slice of life of old Singapore.
10 Dec 2015


And all the roads that led you there were winding
10 Dec 2015

The Cult of Busy

I do quite a few things. Run a startup. Run two non-profits. Mentor queer kids. Spend a lot of time with my family, partner and our dog…
06 Oct 2015

A Sucker Punch in the Gut

I don’t follow my gut as much as let my gut punch out a path.
05 Oct 2015

12 Years

A list of stuff I wrote since 2003, sorted thematically.
04 Oct 2015

The Borneo Express

My family took me to Borneo, not Disneyland, as a kid. I will forever be grateful for it.
25 Aug 2015

I’m Over Here

My heartbreak was metered: sixteen paisa per second.
22 Aug 2015

The Manual of Intimacy

A post-mortem of an unfortunate affair.
13 Aug 2015

Lying on a Sack of Rice

One of those days.
05 Aug 2015

My Life on a Bike

I rode on a bike rideshare everyday I lived in Indonesia.
03 Aug 2015


When my people speak of who we are and where we come fromWe do not say, China.
03 Aug 2015

Split Language Disorders

It is a well-documented fact: multi-lingual people have multiple personalities. I am no different, though I was only recently made aware of it when I started 'losing' language spontaneously.
03 Aug 2015

The Lonely Road

When I ran a startup it was much lonelier than I knew it would be.
17 Jun 2015

Mee Lay

When I was growing up, I thought all families had the same weekend lunches as mine: a giant cauldron of yellow noodles, simmered. When my grandmother died, I thought about that simple dish often. How she conjured love out of a few basic ingredients.