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06 Mar 2022

The Saxophone Diaries

Screenshot of a YouTube video of someone playing the saxophone

When I was a child, I immersed myself rather deeply into the world of orchestral music, especially in the woodwinds section. But the saxophone always felt too… large, for me.

I am no longer a child, so it is no longer too large. I decided to follow up on my childhood dream to play the sax (as well as every other instrument in the woodwinds section).

In January this year I began alto saxophone lessons at a music school here in San Francisco. I’m quite happy with my progress. I will need to find more time to play it more (currently playing around 2 hours a week), but in two short months I have managed to pick up enough to start playing some music.

If you’re reading this and wondering if you should also learn sax, here’s my advice:

  • learn to read music! It really helps
  • it’s never too late for any of this

Many adults are somehow fearful that it’s ‘too late’ to learn to play an instrument. It’s never too late. I’m trying to adopt a beginner’s mindset and to learn from scratch. Who cares if I’m any good at it? I’m having a lot of fun.

To celebrate, I started posting a bunch of videos on YouTube to chart my progress. Enjoy.