Reinventing my personal blog

24 Mar 2016

Is the Self-Hosted Blog Dead?

Fuck Medium. Seriously.

I have had enough of their terrible user interface, narrow writing experience, and the empty platitudes of ‘recs' and comments from people looking to improve their lives by reading inspiring content from people they don’t care about. Worst of all? I hate people whining about Millennials more than Millennials themselves.

I started this site precisely so that I could tinker around under the hood, and that’s what I’ve missed — tinkering. Writing. Slapping together bits of random code you find on the internet (now forking random folks' code on Github) and hoping it would work. I know a lot more about code and development processes now, but I still gain a huge amount of happiness from tinkering with things I don’t know.

My archives are in a mess. I stopped writing here some time circa 2010. I don’t know why. Life took over. I got lazy. I got fed up trying to do everything at once.

It might take some time to gather the things I posted on different parts of the web. But it should be worth it 🙂