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10 Dec 2013

Summary of the Little India Riots

I posted this on Facebook. Cross-posting it here for posterity.

It’s all over folks. Here’s what we do know for sure. (I stayed up for the press conference)

  • A fatal accident involving a Singaporean bus driver and an Indian national sparked off a riot (about 400 people)

  • The call was made at 9.23pm. It was resolved within an hour.

  • 27 suspects from South Asian countries (did not say where: good call) were arrested

  • No Singaporeans were involved in the rioting

  • The deceased is a 33 year old Indian national. Condolences to his family.f

  • 300 police officers responded

  • Gurkhas and special ops were involved

  • This was a case of ‘rioting with dangerous weapons'

  • They didn’t say what. But mentioned glass bottles being thrown.

  • This was not premeditated

  • Bus driver not arrested. Further arrests to be made.

  • No weapons were fired. Maximum restraint was used. (Good job Home Team)

  • Explosions were caused by burning vehicles

  • Projectiles were thrown at rescuers who were trying to extricate body from under bus

  • Riot sparked after the bus was pelted following the accident

  • Police will investigate all aspects, including the accident

  • DPM Teo says those involved will be dealt with fairly, firmly, strictly, in accordance with the law

  • Police will step up in areas where foreigners congregate (I’m sure they don’t mean Marina Bay Sands)


  • Stats: 10 police, 4 SCDF officers injured; bus driver and conductor in hospital, 2 “unaccounted for” (waiting to hear what this means).

  • 9 SCDF vehicles damaged, 5 vehicles burned

  • Private vehicles were also damaged. Unclear if this count is included in the above, or separate

Please keep the families of the deceased and injured in your prayers. When we wake up tomorrow we should ask ourselves some hard questions, and if you think that’s just something that happens with “foreigners” and “those people”, I implore you to think harder.