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21 Aug 2013

We, The Citizens

I am pleased to announce the launch of WeTheCitizens.sg, a small project following the National Day Rally speeches.

Winnie and I worked on this in the 12 hours after the rally, because we just wanted to find out what people would do to improve Singapore, if they had a voice.

We solicited feedback through the #bettersg hashtag, as well as through a web form.

It’s a simple project which is not meant to solve any overarching issues, doesn’t provide solutions, and is guilty perhaps of preaching to the choir. It is also a little too excessively… nationalistic. All these are valid, critical points; I agree with most of them.

However, this is also our small, tentative step into the an exploration of the intersection of technology, politics and activism. What will come out of this? Who knows? I do know, however, that we will perform some basic data analysis on the hashtag archives, which is interesting from a opinion-gathering and technological point of view. We will also create a classroom pack for educators so that they can discuss some of these suggestions.

Ultimately, I personally just want us all to start talking more — whether or not the views are contrarian, populist, rational — I think all viewpoints are important, and this is just our little contribution as geeks who care about this country.