Reinventing my personal blog

05 Nov 2012


63 random things from the past 3 months (inspired by Michael Ruby’s “Fleeting Memories")

  1. Arriving in Budapest knowing absolutely nothing about Hungary
  2. Drinking palinka for the first time, feeling the flush
  3. The Hungarian energy drinks I drank while wearing funny hats
  4. Walking with team Photogotchi along the Halászbástya, feeling a little like Ezio Auditore da Firenze
  5. The boys who were carrying giant swans and crocodile paddle boats onto Lake Balaton
  6. Sitting in the yard of old times
  7. Leaving Hungary thinking fröccs is the best idea in the world
  8. Arriving in frosty Helsinki once again
  9. The cute studio in Apila
  10. That Finnish rapper in a Tiki bar
  11. Being miserable, cold and desperately wanting you
  12. More palinka, Timo’s flat, tiny spaces and uncrossable chasms
  13. Red-heads in the rain
  14. Remembering that karaoke in northern Europe is pretty damn weird
  15. Mushroom-picking, mushroom-cooking
  16. Cycling on a Jopo through the rain
  17. Beautiful Finnish brunches on Sunday mornings
  18. A lot of fish
  19. Tactical Nuclear Penguin
  20. American Airlines, truly a terrible way to fly
  21. Arriving in America for the first time
  22. Pacific Heights. Not having change for the bus to Market Street.
  23. Speaking badly in Cantonese.
  24. Father of my future children showing me a iBaby monitor in the Apple Store
  25. Brilliant people all over San Francisco.
  26. Being chased up a flight of stairs by a bouncer in the Castro for not having an ID.
  27. Losing my ID. And my credit cards. And my iPhone. In a bar. In the Tenderloin.
  28. Being stupid.
  29. Being on a work call with Sydney while sitting next to a painting called The Chronological Wall of Dicks and Cunts. Ah, San Francisco.
  30. Staff at the Singapore consulate giving me cup noodles and soya bean milk from their personal stashes.
  31. Buying a bright yellow Fuji Finest on my second day in San Francisco.
  32. Toning my ass, cycling uphill everywhere
  33. Excellent vegetarian Japanese food in Valencia followed by a free meditation class down the road.
  34. Folsom Street Fair. Many things cannot be unseen, once seen.
  35. Ethiopian with Jiten and Family.
  36. Family of four sitting in a hipster coffeeshop in San Jose, each with a parrot on their heads.
  37. Watching The Nationals vs the Phillies at the Nats Stadium.
  38. You never forget your first Shake Shack.
  39. America is so great because you can order beer and hot dogs online, and expect to have them arrive at your seat in a baseball stadium in three minutes.
  40. One day I will understand more of this great nation, the same one that invented SPAM and Chicken in a Biskit. These inventions speak more about a national character than any other great invention.
  41. Rolling my eyes at groupies of ‘famous tech people'.
  42. Walking to the Lincoln Memorial, wishing I had seen it earlier because all I see now in that statue is Abraham Lincoln (Vampire Killer)
  43. Eating fish tacos with Jason Scott Jones, who knows more about Brooklyn than anybody else
  44. Having the cashier ask me why I want to pay US$12 for a can of tuna. Not having a good answer other than ‘it’s very good tuna. Spanish.'
  45. My crazy/beautiful Crown Heights pad.
  46. Being in love with New York, like they all said I would.
  47. Talking to my aunt at JFK for longer than we have ever spoken to each other, all our lives.
  48. My 27th birthday party in Crown Heights.
  49. The Met Museum with Michael Ruby and Dave Gurien.
  50. Leaving New York, loving New York.
  51. New York to Budapest via London, Budapest to Singapore via Doha, 12 hours apart
  52. Those miserable long layovers in Doha.
  53. Wanton mee
  54. Having everything fall into place the moment I got home
  55. The first day Cookie got home
  56. Cooking a delicious spare ribs pasta
  57. IKEA, burgers, Thai supermarkets and Mustafa
  58. Finally getting my diving license
  59. Doing the Gangnam Style at 10m underwater
  60. The corner store in Tioman
  61. Thinking that learning to dive in the middle of the monsoon was probably not too clever
  62. Floating upwards uncontrollably before learning to trust my own buoyancy
  63. I am finally ready, maybe.