Reinventing my personal blog

02 Jul 2012

Departing Thoughts

  1. I must watch too many scifi movies. I’d rarely been convinced of the malleability of time, but these days I measure out everything in two-week units. Time seems to race ahead of me. It always has, now more than before.

  2. When I say these days, I don’t mean it facetiously. Yes, I turn just 27 in a couple of months, but I feel old, cranky and grumpy most of the time, especially around younger people. This must be what growing old feels like at first, not with a bang but with a grumpy whimper.

  3. I must tell my endocrinologist about my worsening memory loss problems. If only I didn’t keep forgetting. I will set it as a Reminder in my iPhone, and tell it to alert me when I enter the hospital. I must also set another one to remind me of the same thing as I’m leaving the hospital, because… I really worry that I’m losing my mind.

  4. Walking away is hard. One would think you’d get used to it, after having done it so many times, but it doesn’t get any easier. It sounds base, but it’s when you pack up an apartment with all your physical possessions into many, many boxes and bags, and load them into the back of a car at 5am, that seems to be when reality bores into your thick, numb skull. I’ll remember next time.

  5. Life has taken on an interesting turn. I’ve had to scale back on life and ambition in some ways, because I literally cannot remember things, and physically cannot do some of those things. I’ve undoubtedly become a new convert to the “quality of life” school of thought when it comes to work. That part I’m scaling up on.

Some new favourite lifehacks: putting my phone on Airplane mode and not turning it on until I get to work, not checking email until I get to work, bringing a book to read in the bus so I spend more time reading books than email, reading and buying more physical books than ebooks, doing things differently (like buying an orange notebook instead of a black one), making it a point to take the women of my family out to lunch every Monday, among other things. All of it sounds trivial now that I write it down, but I’m also at that point in my life where I favour incremental, trivial changes over the huge coming-at-you-with-a-mack-truck changes I used to favour (mostly of the “I’m leaving the country for an indefinite period!” variety)…

  1. I’ve started making some tentative steps back into the world of meeting and dating interesting people. There have been many interesting people. But. c.f. point #2: I’m just older and grumpier these days, so you can imagine how that’s going.

Also, I have transformed into a crazy dog lady whose primary concern in life for the next 110 days is to spend as much time with her quarantined dog as she possibly can. I feel about as attractive as anybody who smells of dog kennels most of the time can be.

  1. Singapore has been really good to me since I came home. In some ways it feels like I never really left. I’m surrounded by incredible people in my industry who inspire me and others; I’m around people who really do walk the talk. It may or may not be naive optimism inspired by my homecoming, but I am so excited by what I see around me now in Singapore. My calendar of projects and events has filled up at a good pace. At this point, I have a just nice amount on my plate. It helps.

  2. The hardest part about breaking up with anybody is walking away from the memories of what you once wanted to accomplish together. I may feel like I’m losing my mind and my memory, but this isn’t one of those that I’ve lost.

If only it were.