Reinventing my personal blog

19 May 2012

This Site, Now On Steroids

Those of you with elephant memories will remember what this site was 7 years ago. The web was a very different place. This blog was a different blog, I was a different kind of kid (19 years old! Yowch), and the ecosystem was other sites like this with no Facebook, Twitter, not in the ways we now have them anyway. The only external outlet we all plugged out to was Flickr, and we know how that went down. It’s hard to believe we once lived in a world when Yahoo! was still important.

Through all of that, I was running the same Textdrive box. I had one of those legacy accounts with ‘lifetime hosting'. There was no cloud (not in the way we know it now).

The point of all this is: the world has changed, Facebook has IPO-ed, I have changed (in the midst of some pretty huge personal, professional and geographical transitions at the moment), and while I’m still figuring it all out, I figured the easiest thing I could change was the server that this site runs on..

Isn’t it so much faster now?