Reinventing my personal blog

02 Apr 2012


I’ve been having way too much fun in Helsinki, and also writing offline about it, but I promise I’ll write more about it soon. I’m now in Stockholm, about to assemble my bike and go out in search of some of this city’s best sights (and there are a lot of them). For now, some pictures!

A peek into my sim card collection.

The view from where I would jog in Helsinki.

The lovely Helena Kaartinen, one of the brains behind the awesome Finnair surprise dance on a flight to India on Republic Day.

I’ve met lots of people in Helsinki, including tech types.

Eaten some delicious food, like sapas and blue cheese bread from Juuri.

Done some weird things.

And weirder things.

I < 3 kids.

I really should get on with writing about it (I do want to), and with figuring out a way to display all my pictures inline in a clever-er way!

Bottom line: Helsinki has been absolutely amazing, and I’ve been reluctant to leave it. I haven’t felt that way about a ‘new' place in a while.