Reinventing my personal blog

06 Sep 2011

Is This Defunct?

My father was having a conversation with one of the students at the university where he works. Apparently one of them was a frequent visitor to this site. He told my dad as much and said I don’t write anymore, that this site is pretty much defunct.

When your father brings you these news, I suppose it’s true.

I think my relationship with blogging ended when Twitter began. It was around the time when I still imagined I would write full-time, and went off on my big adventure to see if that would work. Twitter became a faster, snappier way of transmitting those thoughts on the field. I got published in a few places. I did okay, with this writing thing; writing full-time then meant the blog became a receptacle for the miscellaneous writing. I’m one of those people who can multi-task, but I cannot write the same way here, the way I once did.

These days, business takes up the bulk of my time. I am trying to build an empire of useful software and fun games. We’re a few weeks away from shipping our first title, a social game on Facebook with a social message. There are more down the line. 2011 looks set to be one of the most productive I’ve ever had. I will make more money than I have ever made, and I will have a few things to show for it. I am learning to code. I am organizing tech events (most recently, Superhappydevhouse and LadyPy, a programming workshop for women held in partnership with Google). I still write. Will these secret writings ever see the light of day, here? I don’t know. I think I would like to continue writing occasionally here, for posterity, but I write more frequently and more seriously at adriannatan.com, where I will try to write about business and tech.

In the last few months,

  • I was nominated in the youth category of the Singapore 9s award
  • I was involved in the setting up of a small project, You Say I Say Who Confirm, with mrbrown, Mr Miyagi and Belinda.
  • I helped to run the media team in the Singapore General Elections. I gave a presentation thereafter about the experience and the lessons learned.
  • I travelled the 380km to and from KL and Singapore every weekend to organize events, take part in them, go to meetings. I have become more accustomed to the idea of a work shirt. Which is new to me.

I am toying with the idea of turning Popagandhi into an iPhone app — but I am unsure about whether I should use the app just to display the blog entries here, save the app only for a curated ‘best of’ selection of articles from the last few years, or turn it into a guide to the places I love. Your thoughts?

For now, I am going to try to cap off a busy, busy year by squeezing as much out of it, work-wise, as I can. I will write when I write.