Reinventing my personal blog

10 Feb 2011

Crazy, Delicious Love

What started as a crazy idea — bringing ice cream to KL from Singapore, in a bus, because we couldn’t get it here — turned into opportunity. “Why don’t we just do it ourselves?” I’m quite the pro at eating and at being strongly opinionated about what I put into my mouth, but the girls have much more of a culinary bent than I do. So I stick to writing about it.

Exactly one year on, we’ve managed to introduce the pleasures of homemade, “artisanal” ice cream to the Klang Valley. From the little home kitchen and tiny machine, to the ramped-up production now underway, the French-style, Asian-inspired gourmet ice cream idea has flourished from the idea it was, to the real brick-and-mortar business it now is. The ice cream now retails at three location: Marmalade at Bangsar Village II, Marmalade at Mont Kiara, and The Bee in Jalan Universiti (Petaling Jaya). The first scoop shop just opened a few days ago at Taylor’s Lakeside campus.

The ice cream repertoire has expanded rapidly: we’ve now introduced Guinness, French Toast, Nutella and Horlicks to the Klang Valley, to great acclaim.

Order at our website (I know, we need a new one — I threw this together very quickly even before ice cream production began, and we’ve since outgrown it!), and get yourself some love.