Chocolate, Nudity, Helsinki

I have seen some places in my short travelling life, but rarely a place that offers me chocolate and naked women within two hours of arriving. Helsinki turned out to be such...

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Four Hours Light

Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm, Skinnskatteberg, Malmö, Copenhagen. Once in a while, I enjoy diving deep into places I know nothing about. I have a good feeling about this trip. (Also, is this the...

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A crash. A breakdown. 200 kilometres in the opposite direction. Andrew and I were left without our native son, and we screwed it up in as many ways as it was possible...

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We Have No Dungarees, Saar

There are slower ways of seeing India. On a buffalo. On a "two wheeler", a motorcycle, stacked to great heights with assorted luggage until you can't see what's in front of you....

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Southeast Asia for Lovers

There I was, sipping my welcome drink in a posh Ubud resort, when I almost choked on it. I was accompanying friends as they sought the best wedding venue in Bali. Concerned...

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Be Kind, Reboot

[The Beach](
Sunset in Nikoi island

It’s no secret I’ve lost interest in writing a blog — I’m...

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My City

My city is often made out to be a boring business city, sterile and lifeless. Not entirely. No amount of protestation at how we’re really unique, though, is effective in driving home...

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Amar Shonar Bangla

Where I dig into my archives and repost stuff I like. This one’s from August 2006, when I’d spent some time in both sides of Bengal.

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