Where's the 'h' in Skinnskatteberg?

Where’s the ‘h’ in Skinnskatteberg?

Hi, my name is Adrianna, and I do a couple of things.

First of all you should probably know that this was me carrying a foldable bicycle and a trolley around Northern Europe for four whole weeks.

No, I still don’t possess a reasonable explanation for it. I guess I just really like my own bicycle.

This should tell you most of what you need to know about me.

I like adventure. I like it more than most people like ice cream, berries and mangoes.

I like travelling the long way to get to things I like, want to eat, or things that make me laugh. I’m still trying to understand that myself.

I like countries that make me laugh and giggle. India, for example. I go to, write about, and think about, India way too often.

Every once in a while, I invent an excuse to go to a place I know nothing about. Last year, it was Estonia.

Every year, I try to do something odd. One year, I drove an autorickshaw (yes, a tuk-tuk) around South India. It took three weeks and many tyre changes. Another year, I travelled to Yemen. Alone. In 2011, I didn’t do anything particularly crazy. That drove me crazy. In 2012, I cycled around Northern Europe despite not knowing very much about bicycles. Remind me not to do that again. Sometimes, the crazy finds me.

Derek Sivers says he lives by “whatever scares you, go do it”. It’s a great philosophy.

I’m still tweaking mine, but this year it stands at (I revise it in my head a few times a year): “Do something crazy once a year.”

Whatever crazy means to you. If travelling alone is crazy to you, try it. Maybe just once. Maybe this year. If living it up in a private island is exorbitant and crazy to you, try it once, too. If staying in a less-than-stellar hotel is crazy, I have many recommendations you can get from me.

This site has been around since 2003. It’s been rebooted many times. I’ve been rebooted many, many times. I like this version better. In this present form, this site will serve as a repository of fresh writing together with the few that I’ve kept from 2003-2013. I continue to publish elsewhere, but I haven’t done a great job at pulling them into one place, so I’m going to try to do that here, too.

My crazy thing for 2013 is that I am writing. For myself, for that novel I’ve been working on, and for commissioned articles for various publications. If you told my 2003 self that I’d find writing difficult and crazy, I’d think you were out of your mind. But there’s a time and place for everything, and here’s to the crazy ahead of all of our lives.

P.S. I work with technology startups in Asia in my day ‘job’. I also try to write about that here, but let’s take this crazy writing thing one step at at a time.